How Cardio Helps for Weight Loss

Thursday, September 27, 2012 1 comments
Cardio exercises are one of the best options considered by many people who want to lose weight in a healthy way. But the problem that many people faces are to chose among which of these cardio to do. The simple formula to understand is you lose weight if you burn more calories than you eat. Secondly, proper full body workout can help in to get in proper shape and stay healthy. There are many reasons why people choose cardio exercises. Some of these are it burn more calories intensity to increase your calorie burn can easily be added or decreased cardio can be done many times per week. But care should be taken before and after workout in terms of rest, meal and body status
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The given below chart shows amount of calories you can burn for different cardio activities.

Activity    15 min.    30 min.    45 min.    60 min.
Aerobic dance 171 342 513 684
Basketball 141 282 432 564
Bicycling at 12 mph 142 283 425 566
Bicycling at 15 mph 177 354 531 708
Bicycling at 18 mph 213 425 638 850
Boxing 165 330 495 660
Circuit weight training 189 378 576 756
Cross-country skiing 146 291 437 583
Downhill skiing 105 210 315 420
Golf (carrying clubs) 87 174 261 348
In-line skating 150 300 450 600
Jumping rope, 60-80 skips/min. 143 286 429 572
Karate, tae kwon do 180 360 540 720
Kayaking 75 150 225 300
Racquetball 114 228 342 456
Running 10-minute miles 104 208 310 415
Running 8-minute miles 183 365 548 731
Ski machine 223 446 670 893
Slide 141 282 423 564
Swimming , 35 yds/min. 152 304 456 608
Swimming freestyle, 50 yds/min. 124 248 371 497
Tennis, singles 131 261 392 523
Tennis, doubles 116 232 348 464
VersaClimber, 100 ft./min. 43 85 128 170
Walking, 20-minute miles, flat 60 120 180 240
Walking, 20-minute miles, hills 188 375 563 750
Walking, 15-minute miles, flat 81 162 243 324
Walking, 15-minute miles, hills 102 206 279 412

This list can really be helpful. Cardio can also help you if you are planning to gain muscles. It also helps to healthy heart and lungs, increase metabolism (Read: 10 Ways to Increase Metabolism) and promote health, reduced the chance and risk of obesity (Read: Top 5 Tips to Prevent Obesity) and well-being.
Bottomline, cardio is not just for weightloss, but also for weight gain and toning muscles.

Top 5 Tips to Prevent Obesity

Friday, September 21, 2012 0 comments
Obesity is one of unhealthy conditions that can be seen globally. Obesity can occur in early childhood stages as well as when you grow old. This, in itself is not a problem, but indirectly can link to several other problems and diseases related to heart, blood and muscles. Almost one-sixth of the world’s population is putting on weight. It is better to avoid this health risks rather than falling for obesity and inviting them.

Here are the 5 simple tips to prevent obesity (and if you are obese, then to reduce it)

1. Avoid Eating Too Fast: The fact that many people don't know is that stomach takes time to recognize that it is full. If you eat fast, you end up eating more than required by your stomach. Also when you eat, you should chew your food thoroughly. This helps stomach to understand as well as to digest food easily.

2. Avoid being sedentary: Stop sitting at one place and start having a active life. You can have this by doing simple activities like climbing stairs, cleaning house, walking etc. Moving your body keeps body active and burns calories. This reduces the chance of getting obese.

3. Avoid Sodas and Beer: Drinks like soda and beer can detoxify your body. Also these drinks contain lots of calories than your body need, which can ultimately make you fat. Remember people have beer belly ! BECAUSE OF CALORIES!

4. Get a physical at least once a year: It is good to know how your body is doing, especially when you have a feeling that you are sick, or were sick or feel low. This can help you to know and understand how your body is going and what changes are necessary or food and exercises to avoid in daily routine to stay healthy.

5. Drink Water: Water is an essential element of our body. Body requires water for everything. Food, energy, increasing metabolism, daily routines, losing fat ... everything needs water. Drink enough water to stay healthy. Depending on the climatic condition of the region and your activities intake of water may differ. The easy way to know if you have enough water in the body is observing urine. It should be colorless. This tells that you have enough water in the body to keep active and healthy. If urine turns into shades of golden yellow, it is sign that body needs water and you should increase your water intake.

These simple steps can lead to a healthy and obesity free life. But, to get healthy you should involve these as a part of your lifestyle and not just preventive measure.